[Left to right: art by Yisuri Pena, Ashley Bles, Anastasia Marston]

A biography written in third person:

Ashley Bles is 22 with a Bachelor’s in mass media communications, focusing on magazine writing and comic studies. She’s an intersectional feminist with a love for macabre, music festivals, caffeine, and video games. She is a proud larper, specifically the post-apocalyptic zombie larp Dystopia Rising. Though she describes herself as “hippy pagan heathen trash” she actually is much nicer than that sounds.

Ares worshipper, fire bender, Slytherin, DC, Grey Jedi or very wimpy Sith, Rioter, Chaotic Good, Ghost Pokemon, RPG Mage, Sylph of Light, . It’s pronounced “gif” and Mace Windu is not dead.

Trina Robbins is my idol.

You can contact me through twitter or email or facebook.